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Corporate Business Solutions

Business Technologies

In the world of business today, finance, takeovers, and mergers, an aspiring your executive needs the cutting edge skills to really get ahead.

A young entrepreneur or aspiring corporate star will find the business world of 2015 a competitive place. Only by having the latest skills at their disposal will they be able to achieve career goals.


Business Research

Nothing will help you succeed in business like good research skills. But there is more to astute analysis than you would think.

If you want to get ahead – you need to understand what the numbers are telling you about the business market you are in. Find out how to identify markets, drill down into the real numbers – so that you can become a corporate whizz.


Business Transactions

Business is all about transactions.

They say that every business deal can be a win win. But it isn’t always like this. very often there are winners and losers. Learn how to structure a transaction so that you are NEVER a loser in the game of business.


About Pacific Gateway

Pacific Gateway is committed to helping students reach their goals, and CHAT Services offers many important extras to our students – free.

This challenging, rewarding program is for students who want to study in an Business college or university. We focus on students’ listening, reading, writing, research, thinking, problem solving, presentation, debating and discussion skills in an academic environment.  All students experience authentic, college-level reading and listening materials. Students improve their communication and cross-cultural skills by studying in an international classroom with students from many countries. 
In this program students improve their listening, speaking, reading and writing.. 

  • Business Markets Identification.
  • Identify Strengths & Weaknesses Strategically.
  • Finding Win Win Solutions.
  • Career fast Track Strategies.

Always Learning Business Strategies

  1.  Up to date curriculum.
  2.  Innovative Business Leaders guest speaking.
  3.  Established Corporate partners helping YOU learn.


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